SeSDERMA Laboratories

Sesderma laboratories was created in 1989 with a mission to create high quality products to meet innovation needs in dermatology. Two decades ago we were pioneers in the launch of products containing alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (e.g., Acglicolic or SaliSeS). At present, these products -reformulated and enriched with active ingredients- are still state-of-the-art products in dermatology. Intense research is carried out in Sesderma laboratories, under rigorous standards of quality; as a result, novel products – of proven efficacy – are continuously being developed for the growing dermatology market.


Prevents and treats facial photo-aging, avoids and minimizes sun damage: dehydration, expression lines, wrinkles and spots. Ferulic Acid + Phloretin + Vitamin C+E+A. The combination of the ferulic acid and phloretin with vitamin C+E+A encapsulated in nanosomes acts synergistically, enhancing the antioxidant effects and protecting the skin from external aggressions (sun, smoke, contamination…) by stimulating the synthesis and reparation of collagen. In addition, ferulic acid, the principal component of this product line, possesses photo-protection and chemo-preventive properties by inducing apoptosis of damaged cells.